Employees/Customers create an account through SendASale.com and add people who may need service. Referrals can be added from any computer, phone or tablet.

Employees/Customers are able to check on the status of their referrals at any time, and receive instant notifications each time a referral is changed, updated or closed out.

As soon as a referred customer completes their service or transaction, the referrer is alerted and promptly paid their incentive. The program is seamless, mobile friendly and 100% secure.

"SendASale has proven to be an excellent solution to streamline and increase our daily number of referrals. It’s easy and our technicians and customers use it and they are aware of every referral until it’s sold or not sold."

- Mike Myers

Since 2016, we are the referral service that will take you to the top! Call us to schedule an online demo today!


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